“to surround yourself with flowers is simply to surround yourself with happiness”

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 Wyld Blooms creates modern designs intended to be experienced, rather than observed




Flowers made to walk you down the aisle, and dance with you at your wedding. To dazzle your guests with artistic whimsy. To create an atmosphere that is designed to be experienced, not just observed.

So, follow me into floral bliss as we start the journey to designing your dream wedding blooms.



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Hi, I’m Callie and I’m the face behind the magic.
As a modern bohemian florist, I feel most at home with the wild things. I was born to design outside the lines of the flower norm, and to push boundaries. Seeing the beauty of Creation around me is what inspires me to make magic + to share it with you.

I have been designing since twenty-fifteen. The flower world fell into my lap, and it opened my eyes to the talent hiding inside me. Four years ago, I wouldn’t have begun to imagine my life today. It’s all due to that little local Ocean Beach flower shop, who took a chance on me, and to the amazing community that has helped mold Wyld Blooms into who she is today.

Wyld Blooms resembles the flower-child within me; it’s my passion + whimsy that does the creating. When I’m designing, I see wild cloud bursts of color, weaving in and out, like a beautiful melody. I design to the beat of my heart, allowing the flowers to speak for themselves, and let my hands to do the creating.

My motto: my blooms are designed to be experienced, rather than observed. Meaning, I live each day yearning to keep my hands moving + using my talents. It is why I believe that my designs are truly wyld — I never stop designing (or dreaming), so there are no limitations to where my imagination can go.

Join my journey. Let’s create floral magic together!